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Hello – thank you so much for visiting! This site is created for moms to come and feel accepted and encouraged. We know how hard it is being a mom these days – all the expectations society has of us – it’s sometimes discouraging! We started this blog because we are tired of being judged and being told how the mom-role should be. Every mom is doing their best, and we think we are doing damn fine!


We hope when you visit you can find comfort and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of parenthood. This is a positive-only blog; yes, there will be venting, but we want this to be real-life. We will not allow any negative comments towards each other. This is NOT a political or religious site, just two sisters wanting to relate, and be relatable, to other moms.

The Sisters Behind The  Blog

We are sisters, best friends, and moms – but we live very different lives. Gina is a mom of an amazing boy, and lives in a beautiful, quiet mountain town with her husband and her two dogs. Gina is a working-mom who sometimes feels like she’s not giving her all to her job or her family – it’s a struggle. Ever since she was little she wanted to be a mom of a large family. It wasn’t an easy journey for her to fulfill; it took her six years and one miscarriage, but she was able to carry a healthy boy and experience being a mom, like she always wanted. She soon found out that it’s not all giggles and snuggles – but she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Maria, is a stay at home mom of four boys – two of which are twins. She lives in the booming city of Denver with her husband and three dogs. She worked as a veterinarian technician, but when she had twins, she decided to stay home – it was the only way the hectic life made sense. She feels so happy and lucky that she is able to stay home with her boys, but she misses the working life.


We recognized how different we are, but how we stress about the same things – which is how this blog came into fruition. We realize that every mom walks different paths (even after growing up connected at the hip) and how we all feel like we’re not enough…and we’ve had enough of feeling that way! We shouldn’t feel that way. We are awesome! We are moms!

Any mom – a working-mom or a stay-at-home mom, knows it is not an easy job. Gina and Maria have done both, and know both are extremely complicated. It makes us question ourselves daily. There is no right or wrong way to be a mom! That is what we are all about – strong moms working together, because we all know – it takes a village

This site has a little bit of everything for everyone

The Everyday Mom Squad does not just focus on “mom stuff”. We have DIYs, crafting, organization, recipes, relationship, pet, and fun traveling posts – because we all know that we have identities outside of being a parent, and sometimes we just need to expand our passions! We hope you have fun here! Feel free to leave any comments that you’d like – as long as they are uplifting, encouraging, self-searching, or funny. We’re not looking for judgment or one-uppers. Come and look around, join us, and be yourselves… as long as you allow others to as well.


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