Ever since you can remember you’ve been told about stranger danger. You were told as a child that you should never talk to strangers, talk to only people you know.

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Have you ever heard of the term “tricky people”?


One day I was talking to a friend about how hard it is not to be a helicopter mom because I’m always worrying about them. Their safety is my #1 priority, something that is always on my mind.

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But when we were talking she had mentioned ‘tricky people’. It’s where instead of teaching your child about stranger danger, teach them about tricky people. These people are people that look nice, someone they may or may not know, but are tricking your kid into doing something they shouldn’t do.

For instance, an adult asking a child to help them find their dog is a big red flag. Any grown adult does not need a kid’s help with anything like that. There are times where they can help, I’ll talk about that later.



This strategy was created by Pattie Fitzgerald. She is the founder and creator or Safely Ever After and an author for children safety books. Pattie is an amazing safety advocate for children and is great at teaching parents how to teach their kids about safety in a non-fearful way that is extremely effective.


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Pattie talks about how it could be more harmful to teach stranger danger because one day they might need to talk to a stranger. She teaches that any safe adult does not need help from a child. They will go ask another adult for help if they need it.

She teaches parents how to teach your child that it is ok to go to them to talk about a situation that has happened; and how to ask the right questions for them to feel like they can trust us. 

Some kids may feel ashamed, embarrassed, guily or think they might get in trouble for someone harming them or assulting them. 

It is our resposibilty to let our child know that they can trust us and come to us about anything. 



When I researched more about this technique I came across this article about how this strategy had saved this woman’s 2 boys lives. Her boys were waiting for her outside a hospital and two guys approached them, but they knew exactly what to do. Could you imagine coming out of a hospital and you couldn’t find your kids

After reading this, it was an eye opener on how effective this really is. I thought if I had never heard of it before, then I’m sure there are more parents out there that haven’t heard of it before either.


I want to spread the word and encourage you to try it. Visit her website Safely Ever After, she has so many tips, parent and child workshops, and resources that may save your child’s life.

This topic is scary, and as much as I don’t want to think about it, I constantly do. I want to know that I am teaching my kids everything I know about being safe in an effective way; and teach myself how to protect my children in an effective way.


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