About Us

We are two moms who are also sisters. We are a lot alike but we still have very different lives. Gina lives in the mountain with her husband and her son, and two dogs. Maria lives in the city with her husband, four boys, and three dogs. We know the struggles and the joy of motherhood; and want to relate to other moms out there and build a community where we all help each other out. Parenthood is one of the hardest things we’ve had to do, but would never change it for the world. Our store is based off our blog. We want to encourage moms to know that they are doing amazing, and show your kids how to be strong people even when life gets tough.


Women’s Apparel

We create designs with every women in mind. We love cute trendy styles, and something that women will love to wear and feel comfortable in.

Tote Bags

A women can never have too many bags. We have designs for pet lovers, moms, gym goers, just about any style you can think of.

Baby Clothes

We have some cute baby clothes for any occasion. We love make baby clothes with cute sayings and cute designs.

Kids/Toddler Clothes

We have big kid and toddler clothes too; for boys and girls. We are all about kids embracing their strength as well and mom embracing their strength.


I’m a sucker for coffee mugs, and coffee…of course. We have really cute mug to help you start your day right, and maybe with a little laugh.

Workout In Style

Eveyone tries to stay healthy and wants to look good. There’s no better way to stay motivated than to feel pretty and good about yourself. Out workout line will make you feel just that; with our one of a kind cute workout designs.

Pet Items

We couldn’t leave out the other important part of the family- the pets. We have cute pet items to keep them stylish as well.


If you’re looking good with all your other attire, than why not make your electronics look stylish too.

Home Decor

Our home decor is one of a kind with a shabby chic glam, with a touch of farmhouse. We have something everyone will like and will look good in any room in your house.

Popular Items

Our most popular items out right now. Seasons are always changing and so are our styles. Check out what is trending right now!

Yoga Mat

Mom Life Tote

Mommy Coffee Mug

Strong Women’s Tights

Create Your Own Style

Do you like what you see, but not quiet the style you need? That’s okay! We want you to be happy and get what you want. Just email us at Themomsquadblog@gmail.com, and we will work with you to create the style you want.

Featured Items

Come see our cute and fun trending items in our store that you don’t want to miss.

Coffee Mugs

Tote Bags

Women’s Apparel

Workout In Style

Our Blog

Come follow us on our blog. We have so much fun writing about topics moms love like parenting, DIY, fashion, food, decorating and so much more…

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