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Great Twin Items That Made My Life So Much Easier

Congratulations – you’re having twins!!! Such an exciting time! But, if you’re like me, finances are always in the back of your mind.

I’m sure after the shock and excitement of finding out you were having twins wore off, reality sat in and you thought, “Crap! We need two of every baby item-  two cribs, two bouncers, two bassinets, two care seats, two of EVERYTHING!” Well, don’t get too afraid. Truth is, you don’t need half of the fancy and shiny things that are out there.


You may be overwhelmed on what you do need for your twins – what you need to buy two of, what is really necessary, and what products are the best quality, since you will be using them often. Keep this list in mind while creating your baby registry. I hope this list helps lessen your worries!

Things You Need Two Of

Baby Swing – For my twins, they were a must. When they were newborns, they would sleep and hang out in the swings; the swings kept them calm in between feedings. As they got bigger, they loved being in them to play. The ones we used had speed control, vibrated, and played music – all of which were very handy in keeping me and my boys sane.

Rock and Play – As the twins got bigger they needed space to stretch. I asked my cousin, who has twins of her own, for advice on what she used to get her twins to sleep. She recommended Rock-and-Plays. Thank goodness she did! They were a life-saver! My twins slept in them night-and-day, from around age 4 to 7 months. But, even past 7 months they would take naps in them (the weight limit is well past 1 year old).

My 5-year-old likes to lay in them while playing, and they support his weight. My favorite part (and the twins favorite part) is that they vibrate, but the rocking motion helps them calm down and puts them to sleep.

Pack and Play – These really come in handy. The fact that you can fold them up and bring them with you, helps so much. I like the ones that have the attachment that hangs from the top, to make the bed higher. This came in handy when they were newborns because I would have them sleep in the Twin Z Pillow until they were able to roll on their side (more later about the Z Pillow!).

When they got too big to sleep on the attachment we removed it, and still had them sleep in the pack and play in our room. After they turn one I’ll move them into their own room, and into actual cribs. For the time being, I like them sleeping in my room, it’s easier for me (but may not work for you!).

Car seat – Obviously you’ll need two car seats. There’s so many options to choose from. I like the Baby Trend personally, because I have a double stroller that they click right into, making it super easy to transport them from the car to the stroller.

Crib – My doctor recommends that once the babies can move, to have them sleep separately for safety reasons. So, it is important to get two cribs. I know the dollar signs are taking over. My recommendation is to get the cribs that convert into bigger beds when they are older. I’ve had one crib since my first born, who is now 5, and it is still in great condition.

 This crib converts into a toddler bed then into a full-size bed for when they are older. Remember though, if you get a crib like this, get the conversion parts when you buy the crib, because if you wait, they might not have the parts or even that style of bed anymore. But, this crib option definitely lets you get biggest bang for your buck!

Bumbo or Activity Chair – The Bumbo or an activity chair come in handy, daily. Sometime my babies get tired of playing with the same thing and love when I switch it up. I already had an activity chair before the twins, so instead of buying another activity chair, I decided to get bumbo, and they love both – and it builds those muscles for sitting on their own. So, my recommendation? Don’t buy two of each – one of each may work just fine!

High Chair– I was going back and forth on whether I should get a chair that attaches to a dining room chair or get a traditional highchair. Typically, I get the ones that sit on the chair, but with a family of six, I didn’t want highchairs taking up seating space if we had guests over to visit. So, I decided to go with a chair that offered 3 in 1.

It is a typical highchair, but you can take the chair off the base and attach it to a dining room chair. It also turns into a highchair that allows the child to eat without the tray – the kind of highchair you typically see in restaurants. The versatility made this a no-brainer for us.

Things I Only Needed One Of

Twin Z Pillow – I LOVE this pillow! It’s basically two Boppy pillows sown together – but you can use it SIX different ways! It’s a nursing pillow – the middle moves up so you can use it to support your back and the sides are so big you can use it to rest your arms! This is the most comfortable pillow, and one of the best investments I’ve done for my twins.

It’s also a pillow they can sleep on as newborns (there’s a strap to make it tight so they don’t fall through the hole). It’s also great for tummy time. Right now they are using it to help them learn how to sit up straight. I can wrap the pillow around them and tighten the straps so they can’t fall forward. You can use it even before you have your twins as a body pillow. This thing is so comfy and easy to clean, the cover removes so you can throw it in the wash.

Diaper bag – This diaper bag is THE diaper bag of all diaper bags, I love this one! When I was pregnant with the twins I did so much research on diaper bags because with my other two kids the ones I had just didn’t last as long as I wanted, and they didn’t have the space I needed.

This diaper bag is the perfect size for two babies, at the same time it’s not bulky. I like the backpack style because it doesn’t hurt my back or slide off my shoulders. The bag opens wide and stays wide open as your packing it up. There are many pockets for diapers, bottles, wipes, and even for your cell phone. The cool thing about this bag is the flap that zips on the bottom of the back area so you can open it and get the items from the bottom without having to take everything out to get to it. This is made very well, and after nearly a year, it is still in great shape. I am totally using this bag even when I don’t need it for the babies anymore!

Carrier or Wrap – Baby wearing is so fun and makes things so much easier. If you have to get house-work done and they are crying, carrying is a god-send. I used the wraps the first time with the twins, and it was pretty easy and a fun way to wear your baby. There is a way to wrap both babies at the same time, making it super easy to get that quality time (and it helps the babies to get some bonding time with each other).

Just remember, you can hold both babies up until they are about 2-3 months, after that they get heavy, but you can use it for one baby at a time, up until they are 3-years-old (so I’ve read). I’ve had my baby carrier since my first born and I got my wrap with the twins. So, instead of getting two of each (one for your significant other, and one for yourself) I did one of each. But, if you are wanting to carry them when you do things like hiking, I’d recommend a normal baby carrier like the Ergobaby rather than the wrap.

Stroller – The Baby Trend stroller has been my favorite. I got it when I had my first two kids, so it comes in handy now that I have the twins.

This stroller is a 3-in-one (I like multi-use items, can you tell?). You can take a seat out and have an older child use it as a bench, you can put both car seats in it, or you can have both babies sit in it with no car seat. There is storage on the bottom, cup holders, and it’s super easy to fold and is not too bulky, so it fits easily into my car. I like the stadium style strollers the best, rather than the side-by-side ones, because you can fit inside any door with it (and have you ever tried shopping aisles with a side-by-side?!).

Umbrella strollers – I really like the Jeep umbrella stroller. If you want something a little lighter for when you go to the mall or shopping this umbrella stroller is the best. It folds up easy and takes up very little space in your car. It has pockets to store stuff and cup holders…. and the best part? It fits through double doors!


Car seat to go with strollers – I really like these car seats. They are easy to get in and out of the car and they fit right into the Baby Trend stroller. The one thing I wish was different on these are the head support – the supports that come with them do little to support a newborn’s head, so when they sleep, they move around. To fix this, I would roll up a smaller blanket or towel and put it on the outer part of the head support, and that worked well – I just wish the support was better so I didn’t need to add the extra support.

Saucers – I really like this specific bouncer, and so do my babies. This one is cool because the seat comes out- so when they are bigger they can just stand and play with toys. BUT, it also has the option to remove the food base and place it on top of the play-table to cover the opening, and it turns into a table for when they are older! So that way you get your money’s worth (love me some multi-purpose items!!!).

Walker Activity Tables – This particular table I’ve had with all four of my kids, so it lasts a really long time. It’s really convenient because there’s a tray so they can have toys or snacks on it, plus it helps them build their leg muscles and helps them learn how to walk.

Tummy-time Mat – Really any tummy time mat will work just fine. I just like this one because it’s big enough to fit both babies, and there are so many toys attached to it. I do like how you can adjust the height of the arches so they can have room when they sit up or bring it closer to them when they are laying down.

Bathtub – I obviously only needed one baby bath. But over the years I’ve tried a few different ones, and this one was the most practical one for my family. This one fits perfectly in just about every kitchen sink (we’ve moved quite a bit between the four kids, so I can attest to them fitting many sinks).

One side is for newborns so they can lay down – it has a bump to help support them so they don’t slide down. The other half is for when they can sit up by themselves. It’s easy to fill and has a stopper that you can pull for easy drainage. Although it has easy draining, and my kids are comfortable in it – my favorite part is the price.


I hope this post helps and gives you an idea of what you want for your babies.

If you’re reading this post and already have kids, I’m interested in what were your must-have items? What items were just a waste of time and money?

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