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Helloooooo Mama’s!
I am in desperate need of advice! I have a 4 month old colicky little girl. I’ve been dealing with the colic since she was 5 weeks old. She cries more than 3 hours per day at least 3 days per week, yada yada I’m sure you guys know the criteria.
What I did to calm her in the past no longer works except wearing her in a baby carrier while bouncing on a large yoga ball while the vacuum is on full power… literally the only thing that will calm her or get her to nap during the day.  The 5 S’s… no go. I perfected every technique, nada tostada. Ride in the carseat in the car or stroller… fugettaboutit. She despises her carseat. She screams bloody murder every time I strap her in.  She takes probiotics and reflux medicine as well. I have also removed diary and soy from my diet as she is breastfed. She will not take a bottle or a pacifier. She dislikes bouncers, swings and rock n plays. She has not developed any self soothing skills and is a terrible napper. My poor 2.5 year old boy is so neglected… Well not really neglected but not much attention for him these past few months. I’m at a loss and pulling my hair out.
Any hoo, any one out there with a colic baby? When did it end? What strategies did you use for calming?
DOES IT END??? UGH. Thanks for the hello moms. I need it.