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I want my kids to like learning and always be curious. I think making learning fun is really important in keeping them engaged and interested.

My husband ordered a caterpillar kit knowing that will be fun and exciting for the kids to watch a caterpillar grow and turn into a butterfly. It’s amazing how fast they grow in such a short amount of time.

We put them on the counter in our kitchen so they could see them everyday, my oldest would climb on the counter an lay watching them. He loved seeing them move and wiggle around. After they became butterflies he helped me feed them fruit which he really enjoyed.

Insect Lore sends 4-5 little caterpillars in a jar with their food. It comes with a habitat where you transfer the chrysalis so the butterflies can transform.

I love watching my kids being interested in how things work, learning and looking in awe on how the world revolves.

Having all boys no doubt they like bugs and are interested in how the creepy crawlies crawl, live and make webs; all the other gross stuff.

The best part, what the boys loved; releasing of the butterflies. They got to hold them for a few seconds and saw them fly away. They thought it was the funnest thing ever.


I would love to see what kind of activities your kids like to do! Feel free to leave pictures in the comments too! 🙂

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