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Do you have a family safe word?



What is a safe word?

I have read stories where a safe word, or code word has saved their child. When I looked more into this, a safe family word is a simple word or phrase your child can remember like lollipop, puppy dog etc.

If someone has touched them or made them uncomfortable they can use the word. If someone around them is making them uncomfortable they can tell you right away without that person knowing what is going on. This word is to stay completely between you and your child, not a family member, a friend, no one else.


The second way to use the code word is for your child to know if someone is a tricky person. This word is to stay between your child, you and one other person that you completely trust. You can give that person the secret word if you are needing them to pick up your child from school, or if there was an emergency and you need someone to lookout for your child.

Take some time and explain to your child what a safe word is and when to use it, come up with one together.